Soonec focuses on artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and digital solutions for enterprise information! The founding team has accumulated 13 years of experience in technical development and marketing planning. With JAVA as the core technology, the independently developed system engine stands out with its simple, efficient, and powerful framework engine characteristics,providing stable, secure, and efficient system solutions for enterprises such as the Internet of Things,artificial intelligence, and information digitization.

In terms of the Internet of Things: intelligent device management and control, device monitoring,inter device communication, sensor data collection

In terms of artificial intelligence: facial recognition, machine vision, OCR, image analysis and processing, object recognition and analysis

In terms of information digitization: enterprise cloud deployment, enterprise ERP, enterprise 

equipment management and monitoring

The value and brand influence of Xunke Technology have been widely recognized by various sectors,and have been widely applied and highly recognized by users in fields such as information digital management systems, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence!

Company Culture:

Mission:Make the world have more intelligence

Vision:Becoming a technology enterprise with advanced core technologies serving the world


Brand Meaning:

soonec:soon meaning speed and efficiency,ec meaning technology and business,Transforming Life through Technology!

Core Technology:

1、Java Web framework



Jkas (Java Kit As Server) is a lightweight framework born for efficient Java web development. It is a web application framework based on the MVC design pattern, and Jkas serves as a controller to establish data interaction between models and views. This design also enables the business logic controller to be completely detached from the Servlet API.

The framework supports powerful features such as Restful encoding rules, URL aliasing, internationalization, modularity, request filtering, load balancing (distributed databases, distributed sessions), user aggregation, event listening, file listening, scheduled tasks, queue operations, network communication (socket, udp, websocket, rpc, rmi), Restful, multiple encryption systems, multiple encoding and decoding, and validity verification. Easily meet various business needs!

JKAS, It's easy、fast、powerful !

2、Java Developing cloud engines


JkasCloud is a Java integration engine that runs independently of web containers!

3、IoT module


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